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TruFlex® Technology - Hybrid Canola

Hyola® XX

Pacific Seeds has new enhanced germplasm incorporating Bayer’s TruFlex® Technology trait as an individual herbicide tolerance and also as herbicide stacks, such that the new hybrids developed can demonstrate improved yield and agronomic flexibility versus current hybrid canola and OP canola varieties on the Australian market.

Pacific Seeds recognises the need for new hybrid canola varieties to have higher yield and provide a wider level of flexibility in spray timing with both quick knock down chemistry and with the stacked products additional added value components such as soil residual carryover protection and extended in-crop residual activity enhancing the grower’s overall cropping system IWM toolbox options.

These new Hyola® XX hybrid canola varieties are being continually developed and they are entered into both private trials and GRDC NVT independent trials for evaluation from 2017 onwards so that agronomists, consultants and growers can all view the potential agronomic and economic performance of the new germplasm prior to commercial release across Australia during 2019. 

The Hyola® XX hybrid canola technology range will be adopted and utilised in paddocks where growers are experiencing moderate to high levels of herbicide resistance and/or herbicide carryover. This exciting Technology will also be grown where farmers have increasing levels of weeds such as wild radish, ryegrass, brome grass, silvergrass, barley grass, dock, sorrel, doublegee, fumitory, shepherds purse, hedge mustard, wild turnip, charlock, pattersons curse, wild oats, cleavers and bifora. 

The Hyola® TruFlex® stacked herbicide canola hybrids XC, XT & XCT are also currently under development and further agronomic performance evaluation. These new "Global First" technologies will released under specific stewardship conditions will be unique to Australia and shows the ongoing dedication that Advanta Seeds has towards providing Australian canola growers with new innovative cropping technology solutions.

Hyola® 410XX - "New" Limited Release in 2019

Hyola® 410XX hybrid canola with the new TruFlex® technology incorporated has shown to provide trial results with higher yields and blackleg resistance than the extremely popular RR canola hybrid, Hyola® 404RR, and will be recommended for adaption within the 0.75t/ha to 3.5t/ha environments across Southern Australia.

Hyola® 410XX has shown multi-seasonal adaptation in trials with a very high inherent blackleg protection company provisional rating of "R" with provisional screening identifying Tri-Gene resistance groups A,B,D. Hyola® 410XX hybrid canola has extremely high oil content similar to Hyola® 404RR, with improved shatter tolerance and standability and will provide canola growers with a new level of weed control and performance package.

Herbicide tolerance TruFlex®
Oil potential 8.0
Blackleg rating (bare seed) "R" - *Provisonal
Blackleg group/s A,B,D - *Provisional
Plant biomass 9.0
Days to 50% flowering 85 - 105
Windrowing maturity Early-mid
Plant height Medium
#Lodging resistance 8.5
*Shatter tolerance 8.0
^Hectolitre weight 8.0
Adapted yield areas 0.75 - 3.50 t/ha

Ratings are 1-9 : 1 = Poor & 9 = excellent
* Provisional = Internal Company Ratings