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Truflex® + Clearfield® Technology - Hybrid Canola

Hyola® XC

Combining TruFlex® and Clearfield herbicide technologies, the Hyola® XC hybrid canola range is an important new tool in high level weedy paddocks and will become a preferred alternative to other hybrid and OP canola varieties.

Number one for flexibility of spray timing with both quick knock down and extended residual protection available using key chemical groups you need, Hyola® XC hybrid canola technology will become a vital component in the IWM soil residual carryover protection toolbox. Mixing and rotating herbicide actives in crop is now the most valuable tool in resistance management when compared to rotating over successive seasons with individual chemistries. Visit for more details. 

Pacific Seeds recognises the need for new hybrid canola varieties to have higher yield and provide a wider level of flexibility in spray timing with both quick knock down chemistry and with the stacked products additional added value components such as soil residual carryover protection and extended in-crop residual activity enhancing the grower’s overall cropping system IWM toolbox options.

Hyola® XC hybrid canola technology can be adopted and utalised in addition to Hyola® XX technology, where Hyola® XC technology can be implemented in paddocks with low levels of group B residual after previous group B IMI tolerant winter crops and in weedy paddocks where growers are experiencing moderate to high levels of problem weed species.

These new Hyola® XC hybrid canola varieties are being continually developed and they are entered into both private trials and GRDC NVT independent trials for evaluation from 2017 onwards.

The Hyola® XC stacked herbicide hybrid canola will be released under specific stewardship conditions and will be unique to Australia showing the breeding and research dedication that Advanta Seeds has towards providing Australian canola growers with new cropping solutions.
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