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Clearfield® + Triazine Tolerant Hybrid Canola

Hyola® CT

Pacific Seeds has developed the World First non-GM Hybrid combining Clearfield® and Triazine Tolerant herbicide technologies, and this innovative new Hyola® CT hybrid canola is an important new tool in high level weedy paddocks.

Hyola® CT hybrid canola technology will also be extremely valuable for paddocks with low levels of group B IMI residual after previous Group B IMI tolerant winter crops and is set in the industry to become a preferred alternative to both hybrid TT and OP TT canola varieties.

Hyola® CT hybrid canola provides flexibility of spray timing with dual action extended residual protection available using two key proven chemical groups you need. Mixing and rotating herbicide actives in crop is now the most valuable tool in resistance management when compared to rotating over successive seasons with individual chemistries. Visit for more details.

With the expansion of Group B IMI tolerant crop types such as wheat, barley and lentils, Hyola® CT hybrid canola technology will find an important place in every grower’s winter cropping IWM toolbox.

Hyola® CT hybrid canola technology can be utilised paddocks with low levels of group B IMI residual after previous Group B IMI tolerant winter crops and in weedy paddocks where growers are experiencing moderate to high levels of problem weed species.

Adelaide University weed researchers found Hyola® CT Technology is effective on many of the emerging weed spp. (i.e. brome and barley grass) and provides growers the flexibility of controlling a broader weed spectrum.

In addition, the Hyola® CT hybrid canola technology can be used to overcome plantback constraints often associated with the use of imidazolinone herbicides, particularly in low rainfall environments or on soils of low pH.

Results showed exceptional ryegrass control (>97%) with presowing atrazine followed by post Intervix and Select relative to the untreated control in new dual tolerant canola Hyola® 580CT hybrid canola at Roseworthy, SA.

Seeing is Believing !!! - This is why some growers experience lack of vigor and growth in TT, RR and conventional canola paddocks (sometimes going unseen in commercial crops because there is no comparator). These classic photos were taken at early July vs late August with Hyola® 580CT (Centre plot of both photos below) in a TT replicated Trial in South Australia after an IMI lentil commercial crop the previous season. The TT varieties have staggered and reduced biomass growth whilst as shown, the CT Technology is set to provide Australian growers with higher levels of Group B IMI residual carryover protection advantages over varieties with only TT herbicide tolerance.

Pacific Seeds, one of the leaders in stacked canola herbicide technologies will be delivering a new era in Australian canola production with the Hyola® CT technology. Due to the ongoing increase of areas across Australia of IMI cereal and legume crops being grown, the Clearfield and Triazine Tolerant non-GM combination in canola allows growers to plant into paddocks after IMI wheat, barley and lentils with inbuilt soil residual Group B IMI protection and then spray either or both chemistries in crop as part of their IWM program.

Hyola® 580CT - "New" Release Due in 2019

Hyola® 580CT has been developed using related unique genetics to be herbicide tolerant to both Clearfield and Triazine chemistry in the same plant.

This technology is the first dual tolerant CT canola hybrid to be released globally to Australian growers. 

Hyola® 580CT shows its best adaptability to growing regions where growers can achieve canola yields between 1.75t/ha to 3.5t/ha. 

Hyola® 580CT has an excellent blackleg resistance "R" rating with duo-gene resistance groups BC, along with good early plant vigour and has demonstrated yields similar to Hyola 559TT.

Herbicide tolerance Clearfield® + Triazine Tolerant
Oil potential 7.0
Blackleg rating (bare seed)
Blackleg group/s B,C
Plant biomass 7.0
Days to 50% flowering 95-110
Windrowing maturity Mid
Plant height Medium
#Lodging resistance 8.0
*Shatter tolerance 8.0
^Hectolitre weight 8.0
Adapted yield areas 1.75 - 3.50 t/ha

Ratings are 1-9 : 1 = Poor & 9 = excellent