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Hyola® Technical Development

With weeds costing Australian farmers an estimated $1.5 billion a year in weed control activities and a further $2.5 billion a year in lost agricultural production, Advanta Seeds’ global research team has joined the fight by developing unique canola hybrids with dual or triple herbicide tolerance traits to assist growers with their ongoing important IWM winter cropping strategies.

Pacific Seeds started with RT® technology (dual tolerance with RR and TT herbicides) and now is soon to release new dual and triple herbicide stacked products under the unique branding of Hyola XC, XT and XCT.

Additionally, we are keeping focus on other key agronomic traits and then working in conjunction with the major global agricultural chemical companies, Australia's leading weed scientists and industry researchers to test IWM applications and crop extension for the new technologies.
The key to staying ahead of herbicide resistance and weed management issues is to develop new hybrid canola varieties with different herbicide tolerances that can then be utilised as part of an IWM program.

Coming soon to industry trials right across Australia is a new hybrid canola range of herbicide tolerant stacks that will be vigorously evaluated and demonstrated to growers, agronomists, advisors and researchers.

Don't look any further than Pacific Seeds to provide Australian growers with cropping solutions through new improved hybrid canola technologies and independently researched enhanced agronomic management strategies.

Pacific Seeds has a team of qualified agronomists and sales personnel with extensive experience in hybrid canola varieties, research, trialling, agronomy and extension.