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Hyola® Quality Assurance

Pacific Seeds engages both quality control protocols and quality assurance programs across all aspects of the seed business.

The Quality Assurance laboratory operates as a highly efficient company facility for all required aspects of seed testing and quality analysis.

Specialist protocols and procedures to meet both stringent internal company policies and industry seed standards are applied across breeding, parent and hybrid F1 seed production, seed processing, seed treatment, seed packaging and seed testing operations.

Seed protectants are an important tool for farmers. Through controlling soil-borne insects via a micro-coating on seed, growers will see even germination, stronger plant development and more even flowering.

Pacific Seeds treats canola seed of the highest germination, genetic and physical integrity meeting industry standards.

Extensive Industry experience shows that maximising yield potential of any crop starts with effective strong healthy plant establishment during the first four to six weeks after the seeds are sown.

This is where professionally treated seed provides an additional edge for germination and early growth stages.

By protecting the seed and seedling against insect and disease damage in its early stages of growth, the crops potential is maximised.

To meet the increased demands for treated seed, Pacific Seeds has on site a state of the art seed treatment plant.

This plant allows Pacific Seeds to apply chemical treatments, available only to professional seed treaters, ensuring the highest quality specifications for seed protectants and encapsulated with advanced polymers.

Advantages of Pacific Seeds professionally treated hybrid canola seed:
  1. Even application and loading of chemicals at the correct rate;
  2. Correct treatment levels for maximum efficacy and minimum environmental impact;
  3. A reduction in the health and safety issues of treating seed on farm;
  4. A combination of insecticide, fungicide, nutritional or biological treatments can be applied.