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Welcome to Hyola®

Pacific Seeds were the first in the world to commercially market hybrid canola. Commercially known worldwide as the Hyola® range these canola hybrids are characterised by exhibiting high seedling vigour, high yield, high oil, high blackleg resistance and high standability with superior adaptability. In Australia, Hyola® canola hybrids are developed, produced, commercialised and marketed by Pacific Seeds. Pacific Seeds also has new enhanced germplasm incorporating Monsanto’s TruFlex Extended Spray Technology.
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Pacific Seeds

Pacific Seeds is committed to providing a complete range of elite hybrids to all canola growers across all regions, emanating from our global hybrid breeding and innovative cropping solutions extension programs. Hyola® canola hybrids provide growers with the high quality seed, cutting edge technologies, and industry leading performance within a diverse range of cropping environments and enterprises. The Hyola® hybrid canola range is now known globally through Pacific Seeds parent company Advanta Seeds.
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Hyola® Technology Products

Recent Hyola® News

Hyola® hybrids included in Bayer's DecilePro™ Program

New in 2019, Bayer is providing canola growers the flexibility to choose how to pay for their Technology Fee on RR or TruFlex® with the simple risk sharing program - DecilePro™. Growers can choose to pay upfront or at harvest sharing the risk and cost of the Technology Fee in 'lower rainfall' seasons. Click below for information.
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Pacific Seeds New 2019 Hyola® TruFlex® Technote

Pacific Seeds has released its new TruFlex® Product technote for all canola growers across Australia, which covers all agronomic characteristics for current Hyola® XX and XT hybrids along with information on TruFlex® technology and the DecilePro™ Program. Click below for information.
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TT hybrid seed at similar OP TT Investment in $/ha

Pacific Seeds has recently announced the value pricing deal for Hyola® 559TT and Hyola® 650TT where growers can purchase the seed at similar investment levels in $/ha to current OP TT varieties under an EPR. Click below for more information on this great seed value offer for Australian canola growers.
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Client Testimonial

Dual-purpose, long season Hyola 970CL canola has become a staple in Adrian Roles’ grazing program at Young. “It’s an excellent feed source for growing out lambs. The liveweight gain has been measured and we use an average of 300g/head/day gain per lamb. We estimate the grazing value at $300/ ha,” Mr Roles said. “Grain recovery has also been excellent, with previous crops yielding above 2.5t/ha when grazed similarly.”

John Roles

Hyola 970CL - New South Wales

A Tasmanian farmer now holds the Australian canola yield record after harvesting a massive crop in January. Michael Nichols, cropping manager at Redbank Farm at Sisters Creek in the state’s northwest, finished harvesting his paddock of Hyola 970CL canola on January 11, stripping 52.52 tonnes off 8.5 hectares for an average yield of 6.17 tonnes per hectare.

Michael Nichols

Hyola 970CL - Tasmania

Graze and grain winter hybrid canola is becoming a regular feature at Murray Scholz’s property in southern NSW after seeing the lamb health and financial benefits. He estimates that his business has gained a minimum of $300/ha on top of the value of the harvested canola grain by including the winter hybrid. “The crop is cost effective as it cuts out the need for labour and constant feed supplement costs during a dry autumn like we’ve just had.”

Murray Scholtz

Hyola 970CL - New South Wales

The canola component of Tim and Daniel Critch’s winter program has become a major part of their operation at “Wyalong”, Tenindewa. RR crops delivered the highest yields, averaging 1.80t/ha, while open pollinated triazine varieties yielded an average 1.20t/ha. “The truckies in the area had a competition going in their sample hut, and at the end our Hyola 404RR had the highest oil at 50.6pc.”

Tim Critch

Hyola 404RR - Western Australia

For progressive Kangaroo Island farmer Michael Mills, trialling new canola and wheat varieties offers the chance of raising the productivity of the family’s property at Parndana. After grazing it twice, the crop of Hyola 971CL yielded 2.40t/ha and his Hyola 559TT yielded 3.0t/ha.

Michael Mills

Hyola 559TT - South Australia